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Award Guidance

  1. The international participants to run the project under the banner of ‘Discovery Awards’.

  2. The ‘Discovery Awards’ logo to be visible on respective country websites.

  3. After signing up with the ‘Discovery Awards’, the participating countries will receive an International Knowledge Transfer Toolkit. This will explain the project pattern.

  4. The toolkit with contain necessary guidelines from planning to cataloguing solution videos. It can be used to initiate Discovery Awards in the respective countries.

  5. For collecting solution videos from the PwD community, participating countries can follow their own strategy for outreach, targets et cetera.

  6. Participating countries own the project in their geography but the brand authenticity lies with Project Discovery India. A common website to be used for all country partners.

  7. Partner countries’ activities involving participating NGOs, volunteers, videos, stakeholders et cetera will showcase on the Discovery Awards website.

  8. Videos can be submitted in any vernacular or sign language. The video submissions will be catalogued and uploaded on EI Labs YouTube channel with English subtitles.

  9. Discovery Awards will follow one country-one partner model, meaning, only one organization will represent and run the awards in their respective country. To enroll as a country partner, organization will receive a link upon filling the Contact Us form on the website.

  10. One country can submit 2 videos to be assessed by an international jury. Creators of the top two videos will be invited to share the stories at the Zero Project Conference in Vienna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using this section, get all the clarifications for your questions and doubts about auditing, finance, and investments. We love to clarify your doubts and get you back to your business real quick with more confidence.

Discovery Awards is an international platform that recognizes innovative solutions created by grassroot innovators and stakeholders around the world. The top 2 solutions are awarded at UN’s zero project conference at Vienna.

Discovery Awards was started in the year 2022-2023.

Discovery Awards started with Project Discovery in India that realized that grassroot innovators increase the potential of user driven solutions to emerge. This is a one of its kind initiative that integrates all disabilities with the intent to collect, collate and disseminate assistive solutions.

As Project Discovery started in India, we recognized 4 categories which include daily living solutions, workplace solutions, social inclusion solutions and educational training solutions which are relevant to the environment. International partners can choose to come up with categories keeping the socio-cultural context of their country in the center.

The ideal duration for a video is 2 minutes but can vary depending on the content.

  • Shoot the Video in Landscape/ horizontal mode to get a wider shot.
  • Start with a short description of the problem you are facing.
  • In the video, wherever you feel the need to explain the solution, feel free to speak.
  • The video must be centered on the Person with the Disability demonstrating the solution.
  • Always shoot focusing on the Person with Disability, avoid showing their back.
  • Make sure that the video is shot with adequate lighting, minimum background noise and with sufficient clarity.

Video making is very simple for Discovery Awards. Keep the guidelines in mind and put the Person with Disability in the center. Talk about the problems and show the solutions.

You may make and submit as many videos that correlate with the solutions you use.

 NOTE: In India, a girl with upper limb amputation submitted 32 solution videos. A person   with spinal cord injury submitted more than 25 solution videos used in his life.

Every country partner will nominate 2 winners to the International jury during the 1st week of November. A Google form would be sent on 1st of November to all the country partners for nomination approval. International jury would decide 2 winners as best innovators and the innovators who are chosen would get the opportunity to go to the Zero Project conference at Vienna.

Winners would be notified by the 15thof November immediately after the jury decision. This will be accompanied with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as the official announcement is made on 10th December, Human Rights Day.

The prize distribution ceremony will take place in Zero Project in Vienna on the last week of February.

If you are a winner, your travel and accommodation will be sponsored by Zero Project. However, you need to make all logistical arrangements and arrange your travel documents. Visa costs if applicable are borne by the participants.

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